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"Environmental Packaging assisted our refinery in developing solutions to some of the largest and most difficult waste materials we produce. As an example, Environmental Packaging was able to respond to waste material (12 million gallons) in less time than it took for their competitor to respond to our issues. Other competitors only provided ineffective solutions that drastically increase costs and time delays."

– Environmental Manager of a Fortune 50 Oil Company.

Trusted By Fortune 500 Companies

We have over 30 years of experience and work with leaders across all industries. We’re endorsed by top Fortune 50 companies – so you can feel safe knowing your waste is in good hands.

Solutions Built For Your Needs

We design creative solutions based on your situation, rather than a generic service. We deliver you a solution that cuts your costs and boosts your efficiency.

24-Hour Response Time

We understand how frustrating poor service is in waste management. Attentive service is a priority for us, and we respond to all enquiries within 24 hours or less.

Cut Your Ongoing Costs

We analyze and optimize your processes to cut your ongoing costs. And we even provide training and documentation for your employees for easy implementation.

Consulting & Training

With a solid foundation across many industries – we can lend you our expertise.  This includes technical information on permitting, environmental regulations, waste inspections and training.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We’re experts in alternative disposal methods and focus on reusability and creative solutions. We’ll help you achieve your goal of becoming a more responsible and sustainable business.

How We Can Help You

If you’re a first time hazardous waste generator it can be daunting to find a reliable supplier. You don’t have the knowledge of how to deal with hazardous waste. Or you’re unaware of the requirements or procedures for hazardous waste disposal.

We give you a simple and easy solution – one that saves you both time and money.

If you’re working with a hazardous waste company already, you may have had some common problems.

1. You’re frustrated with a lack of service and attentiveness. 

2. Unclear procedures that make the process complicated. 

3. Generic solutions that aren’t a good fit for your needs are wasting your time and money.

We have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and fast communication. We design you a precision solution that fits your needs, saving you time and money.

If you’re a large company, you may find a lack of knowledge from your existing hazardous waste vendors.

As a large scale waste generator, you need expert resources in a punctual manner. And inefficient solutions waste a lot more money when you’re dealing with things on a large scale (compared to when you were a small business).

Most hazardous waste companies provide generic solutions. This wastes your money since these solutions are not built with your situation in mind.

We guarantee to save you money with solutions designed to your particular situation. We give you some of the leading experts in the industry, with guaranteed 24-hour response time.  

You Throw Money Away With Traditional Waste Disposal Companies

We’re not your typical waste disposal business.

Most companies own their own facilities to dispose of your hazardous waste. 

And since they have limited facilities, they have no flexibility in how to deal with your waste. 

This one-size-fits-all approach means you don’t get a solution built around your needs. But rather, they build a solution around their limited options. It’s ineffective and creates unnecessary costs for your business. 

Bottom line – you throw money away on generic solutions not designed for your situation.

Versatility Makes Us More Cost-Effective Than Our Competitors

Efficient methods of waste disposal make us more affordable than our competitors. This makes our services more gentle on your bottom-line.

We’re leading experts in hazardous waste management, with many decades of experience in the field. When you work with us, we focus that expertise to profile your materials in an optimal way to meet your needs. 

We gain deep understanding of the characteristics of your waste material. This allows us provide you with alternative methods of packaging, transporting and disposal. 

We work with a wide range of facilities to deal with your waste. This allows us to execute your ideal solution, saving you time and money.

Methods that are more cost effective than you’ll find anywhere else. 

We Find You A Cheaper Solution Than Our Competitors - Guaranteed

We Find You A Cheaper Solution Than Our Competitors – Guaranteed

Your service title

Give us a brief description of the service that you are promoting. Try keep it short so that it is easy for people to scan your page.

Your service title

Give us a brief description of the service that you are promoting. Try keep it short so that it is easy for people to scan your page.

We Design Solutions For Your Unique Situation - Saving You Money And Time

At Environmental Packaging – we have a dynamic and versatile approach to waste management.  

Most companies provide generic solutions based around what facilities they own. This only gives you a few options to choose from – and these will what’s convenient for the disposal company.

We analyse your situation and design a solution for you. We research a host of alternative solutions for you. And we find the best solution rather than forcing you down the disposal facility route. 

(For example, instead of incinerating your waste because we own an incinerator – what most companies do – we may repurpose your materials. Or manage them for heat value. )

Diverse And Approved Facilities

We use only approved disposal sites (those audited and approved by major corporations).  

Working with a wide range of facilities to deal with your waste allows us to deliver your customized solution. Putting your needs first and being less restrictive lets us deliver your optimal solution. One that saves you money and time. As well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Reuse Of Materials To Reduce Volumes And Costs

Reuse of your materials has potential to reduce your hazardous waste significantly.

Recycle and reuse is our first priority. We find ways to combine and reuse waste materials to reduce your volumes and costs.  

Other waste companies don’t do this. If your current provider is ignoring this – you’re sitting on a missed opportunity. One that’s easy for us to execute and reduces your carbon footprint.

We Optimize Your Processes & Cut Your Ongoing Costs

We analyse your manufacturing processes to determine how you generate waste. We establish profiles to optimize your waste materials and provide you with flexibility. We investigate if there’s any reuse potential for these materials.

We find ways to reduce your waste costs and the amount of waste you produce. 

Traditional waste companies only transport and dispose materials. They won’t show you how to improve and streamline your process. 

We find the best way to manage your waste – then set up a robust training program for your employees. We’ll even create documentation to make the training process simple for you.

With us, you’re hiring a waste partner – not a waste disposal company.

Consulting & Training

We have over 30 years of experience in the hazardous waste industry. 

With a rock-solid foundation in various industries – we can assist with all your needsThis includes technical information on permitting, environmental regulations, waste inspections and training. 

We also provide you with training tailored to your company’s needs and processes. If you’re a small/medium size business this is an ideal solution.

24-Hour Response Time

As a small business, we’re hands-on. When you work with us you can expect to get an answer to a question same day. Our competitors often take 5-7 days to give you a response – and may not even answer your question.

If we don’t know the answer to your question, we research it and find out for you within a couple of hours.

We’re committed to a higher level of service – if you want to do something, we’ll find a way to do it. 

How It Works

We Take Your Waste Away – Without Any Hassle

Step 1 - Consultation

We start by taking time to understand your needs and concerns. This includes a waste process and disposal evaluation.

Following the consultation, we give you a no obligation quote for your waste disposal.

Step 2 - Generate Solution

We create a customized solution built around your needs. We analyze a host of alternative options to find the solution that saves you the most money.

Step 3 - Collection

We schedule collection of your hazardous waste and come to your facility.

We prepare all necessary paper work (manifests, labels and land ban forms).

The pick ups are then scheduled based on your schedule. Pick up times are at your convenience. We can also schedule routine waste pickups far in advance if required. 

We accommodate emergency pickups as well.

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