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Industry Experts with Over 30 Years of Experience

We have a rock-solid foundation in our industry – with over 30 years of experience dealing with hazardous waste.

Combined with an extensive engineering background, this gives us a powerful base to bring you the best solution for your waste.

We’ve worked with big and small businesses from a wide range of industries including technology, oil – and more.

Our waste management philosophy is to craft custom solutions around the client’s needs. By building a strategy around your needs, you get a solution that saves you significant money.

Whatever your situation – we’ll find a solution.

Doug Murdock

Doug Murdock graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from California Poly Technical State University, San Luis Obispo, Ca. in 1989. 

He has 20 plus years of experience as an Environmental, Health and Safety professional in the semiconductor industry for major players including National Semiconductor, Linear Technology, and Applied Materials. His engineering background, direct personal experience, and hands-on approach have been an invaluable asset to developing innovative solutions for our customers.

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Ron Tressen

Ron Tressen has been in the chemical and hazardous waste disposal services industry since 1982. 

He graduated from the California Poly Technical State University, San Luis Obispo, Ca. with a Bachelor of Science and obtained his Masters in Marketing in 2007.  

Ron has lived in California his entire life and had the advantage of serving a wide range of industries – oil & gas, aerospace, chemical/paint & coatings, semiconductor, pharmaceutical/biotechnology and the automotive industry. Having experience in these different industries allows him to take a unique view on your companies waste and assist in determining the best methods to handle your waste disposal needs.

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